Madhavan’s new web series ‘Breathe’ trailer is viral
Madhavan’s new web series ‘Breathe’ trailer is viral

Madhavan’s new web series ‘Breathe’ trailer is viral


The Tamil actor Madhavan is not ready to sing his swan song in the film industry. By reinventing himself he has once again proved his mettle in his last movie. Now the trailer of his new thriller web series ‘Breathe’, which is set to release on the Republic day, has become viral. Breathe will be released on January 26, in three languages - Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, across 200 countries and territories worldwide. Breathe will launch as an 8 episode series.

The specialty of the film is the never-before seen avatar of Madhavan and Amit Sadh, the leading actors of the film. The film is about the subject of mafia connected with organ transplantation.

‘Breathe’ trailer shows Madhavan, a struggling father worrying over his son’s fatal disease. Finally, the beloved father get ready to save his son. Can he save his son?

Madhavan and Amit Sadh play lead roles in the Amazon Prime original that is directed by Mayank Sharma. The video shows Madhavan struggling against his own child’s fate who is fighting a fatal disease. He wants to save his life is at any cost and decides to take matters in his own hands.

Breathe is a psychological drama that follows the lives of ordinary people faced with extraordinary circumstances. Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh), a brilliant officer of the Mumbai Crime Branch, puts together seemingly unconnected deaths of organ donors that lead to an unlikely suspect - the affable Danny Mascarenhas (R Madhavan).

Danny Mascarenhas (R Madhavan) is the single parent to six-year-old, Josh, who suffers from lung failure (Cystic Fibrosis). He needs a lung transplant. Breathe captures a God-fearing Danny’s struggle to save his son. Will the relentless cop catch the killer? Will Danny be able to save his son? What drives Kabir? Who will be the next victim? All these questions and more will be answered in this psychological thriller.

Mayank said in a press statement, “A unique storyline, a deep emotional insight, top technical support, supportive producers and stellar performances – we’ve gone all in with Breathe.”

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