Kangana Raut’s has a new home in Himalaya
Kangana Raut’s has a new home in Himalaya

Kangana Raut’s has a new home in Himalaya


After having a supreluxury flat in Mumbai, now Bollywood heartthrob Kangana Ranaut has built a brand new home in her hometown, Manali.

Kangana’s new bungalow in Himalaya was shared on Instagram. The bungalow has a beautiful European style which nestled in the midst of mountains. In fact, in one of the pictures, we can see snow-capped mountains in the background. This vintage European home has eight bedrooms and step-out balconies. It also has a dining room, a fireplace, a gymnasium and a separate yoga room.

“Sharing the picture, an Instagram account called Team_kangana_ranaut read: “Look what #KanganaRanaut gifted herself on the New Year’s! #NewYearEve #Gift #HomeSweetHome #Architecture #Design #KanganaRanaut #Manali.”

According to a report in Zee News, the house has been designed by Shabnam Gupta and reportedly cost her Rs 30 crores. The report adds that while Kangana bought the place for Rs 10 crore, soon after the success of her film ‘Queen’, she spent as much as Rs 20 crore in building it. Kangana has been visiting the place routinely to oversee the work being done.

Last year, Kangana had introduced to the world her Mumbai home, after it was refurbished. According to a report in Indian Express, the 5-bedroom house in Khar has been designed by Richa Bahl, wife of Queen director Vikas Bahl.