WCC in a war mood while Siddique extends an olive branch  
WCC in a war mood while Siddique extends an olive branch  

WCC in a war mood while Siddique extends an olive branch  


‘Kasaba’ controversy is still raging on with Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) demanding more support from female artists of Mollywood. At the same time, actor Siddique came out with a Facebook post on Wednesday in which he indirectly supports Parvathy and advices all the stakeholders of the controversy that there is no meaning in carry forward this controversy any further. It is obvious from the wordings of the positing that Siddique, who represents the mainstream Malayalam movie industry, wants to conclude the controversy peacefully.

But on Thursday, WCC in a lengthy post welcomes all women artist Of Mollywood to join in their fight against patriarchy and misogyny means they are not in a mood to give in.

In his Facebook post, actor Siddique also revealed that he had spoken to Mammootty about the ongoing controversy related with Parvathy’s comment on Kasaba. Siddique’s post goes like this:

“For the past few days, Parvathy, Mammootty and Kasaba had been the major topics of debate on social media. So I too felt to respond after hearing the responses of some people about the issue. What has happened? Parvathy said in a meeting on the sidelines of IFFK(International Film Festival of Kerala) that there was a scene in Mammootty’s film Kasaba where he brutally misbehaved with a woman character and It affected her a lot when she watched the movie. This is her opinion. We live in a country where people are free to express their opinions. So there is no point in making an issue out of it. “

WCC in a war mood while Siddique extends an olive branch  

“I called Mammootty the same day when the controversy snowballed. Then Mammootty laughed it off and said, “Aren’t they kids? Let them say anything they want?”- said siddique.

A highly sentimental Siddique concludes his comment with a question towards Parvathy as a person who are old enough to be her father:

Is it nice to generate differences among colleagues based on gender? Isn’t it ideal to keep the collective ‘us’?

While the WCC is happy about the existence of the collective and the vocal positions of the members have drawn ire from the deep-rooted patriarchal elements in Kerala society.

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