Never been bitterness with Shahrukh:Karan Johar
Never been bitterness with Shahrukh:Karan Johar

Never been bitterness with Shahrukh:Karan Johar


Dismissing talk of any bitterness in relations with superstar Shahrukh Khan, filmmaker Karan Johar has said that while there have been ups and downs in their relationship, his bonding with the Bollywood 'Baadshah' has always been strong.

Speaking at a session in 'Sahitya Aaj Tak' here on Saturday evening , Karan said Shahrukh was one of the reasons he took up film direction and that there never had been any bitterness between him and the superstar for even a single day.

''It is because of Shahrukh and Aditya Chopra that I became a director. When I started working with Shahrukh, he was already a big star. Like every relationship, our relationships has seen several ups and downs. We have always kept our work and personal relations separate. However, there will always be a bonding between us. In fact, there has never been bitterness in our relationship for a single day,'' Karan said.

On his 'bitter sweet' relations with Kareena Kapoor , Karan said,''There was a lot of childishness in Kareena Kapoor. There is a ten-year gap between us. She did not want to do my film, Then she stopped talking to me and we did not talk for about one year. A year later, however, I suddenly got a call from her and after that everything was fine between us..''

Speaking about his sexual orientation, Karan said ,''I am proud of what I am. Whatever I had to say about this, I had said in my book 'An Unsuitable Boy'. Whatever I have said in the book is true. Many people say why I did not speak the entire truth. But this is my right to decide what to write. I had to face a lot of trolling on the issue. However, I would like to say that whatever I am is the result of my parenting.''

On his frequent criticism for making films catering to the elite classes, Karan said,''I also tried to make some unconventional films, but I did not get any credit for it. For instance, I made 'My Name Is Khan' and also did a film called 'Bombay Talkies' but those films were not talked about. If my name was Karan Kashyap, I would get more credit. So, now I do not make offbeat films.