CBSE prepares manual for teachers to teach morals and ethics

CBSE prepares manual for teachers to teach morals and ethics

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New Delhi, Apr 2 : In order to promote values and morals among students, the Central Board of Secondary Education has come up with a document titled --"A Trainer’s Manual for Educators Integrity and Ethics” for conducting Capacity Building Programmes for the teachers.

"The programme will be launched in this current academic session of 2019-20 itself. The two-day activity workshop has been carefully designed for teachers to probe and prod various thoughts and actions," said the CBSE Senior Public Relations Officer Rama Sharma in a statement on Tuesday.

Topics would include (Cognitive dissonance), Understanding Integrity, Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and A to Z of Ethics. "The training and activities are interspersed with role plays, anecdotes and approaching Ethics and Integrity through AV media, Teacher/elders as role model and creating space for Integrity in Classrooms," the statement added.

Among a host of activities and suggestions, the manual also talks about the probable ways Teachers Develop a Culture of Integrity and includes excerpts from write ups and articles by well-known thinkers, such as American psychologist, author, columnist and youth development expert Marilyn Price-Mitchel. "The objective is to create an environment in which existing practices and policies can be critically examined and students can be sensitised. The Board hopes to make this a cross cutting theme across all disciplines," she added. (UNI)