Cut in fuel prices on Sunday

Cut in fuel prices on Sunday

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 12 : Fuel prices fell on Sunday as petrol rates were reduced by 10 to 12 paise per litre and diesel by 6-7 per/litre. In the National Capital, petrol prices stood at Rs 75.90 p/l, an 11 paise decrease from Saturday while diesel price came down to Rs 69.11 per litre as compared to yesterday's Rs 69.17 a litre, according to Indian Oil Corporation website.

Petrol cost Rs 81.49 a litre an 11 paise decrease over Saturdays' rate in Mumbai, while diesel cost Rs 72.47, a 7 paise decrease from Saturday's price of Rs 72.54 a litre. In Chennai, petrol price came down by 12 paise to Rs 78.86 a litre and diesel costs Rs 73.0 a litre, a 6 paise less than Saturday’s.

In Kolkata, petrol is retailing at Rs 78.48 a litre, 11 paise decrease from yesterday’s rate of Rs 78.59 while diesel price fell to Rs 71.48 a litre, a 6 paise less than yesterday’s price of Rs 71.54 a litre.

In Gurugram, petrol is retailing at Rs 75.16 a litre and diesel at Rs 67.93. The price of petrol in Noida is Rs 76.95 a litre while diesel was retailing at Rs 69.39 a litre as against yesterday's Rs 69.45 a litre. (UNI)