Govt receives Rs 2,89,650 cr as revenue in June

Govt receives Rs 2,89,650 cr as revenue in June

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New Delhi, Jul 31: The Union Government has received Rs 2,89,650 crore which is 13.92 per cent of corresponding Budget estimates 2019-20 of total receipts upto June 2019.

Out of Rs 2,89,650 crore, around Rs 2,51,411 crore came from tax revenue (net to Centre), Rs 33,475 crore from non-tax revenue and Rs 4,764 crore from non debt capital receipts, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

Non Debt Capital Receipts consists of recovery of loans -- Rs 2,407 crore and disinvestment proceeds -- Rs 2,357 crore, the Ministry said in a statement here.

It said Rs 1,48,631 crore has been transferred to state governments as devolution of share of taxes by the Union Government up to this period which is Rs 8,896 crore lower than the previous year.

The total expenditure incurred by the Government is Rs 7,21,705 crore -- 25.92 per cent of corresponding BE 19-20.

Out of the expenditure amount, Rs 6,58,705 crore is on revenue account and Rs 63,000 crore is on capital account. Out of the total revenue expenditure, Rs 1,41,755 crore is on account of interest payments and Rs 1,51,824 crore is on account of major subsidies. (UNI)