Rupee slid by 27 paise against USD

Rupee slid by 27 paise against USD

Agency News

Mumbai, Apr 15: The Rupee on Monday slid further by 27 paise to 69.42 on brisk demand for US Dollars by importers, dealers at Forex Market said.

The local unit that rose by eight paise to 69.07 in opening trade, later it erased earlier gain and lost ground by 27 paise to 69.41 as compared to its last close.

With this, the Indian currency has tumbled down by 50 paise in a couple of days.

High fluctuation was seen during the day as it registered day high and low at 69.46 and 69.05 respectively.

Strong dollar against other world currencies kept the Indian currency down, however positive market capped from further decline they added. (UNI)