Mani’s marathon nearing finish point: AKG Bhavan
Mani’s marathon nearing finish point: AKG Bhavan
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Mani’s marathon nearing finish point: AKG Bhavan


Kerala leader, K.M. Mani is a believer of the old proverb “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The earliest expression of this proverb was recorded around 4th century by Kautilya, popularly known as Chanakya, in Arthashastra. The earliest English recording was around 1884. The truth is that those who seek power since time immemorial have been following this dictum, or to borrow the modern Marxian term, tactical line.

For K.M. Mani, Mani Sar to an overwhelming majority, there was initial confusion over who should be his friend. There are three declared and sworn enemies, the declaration may not be truthful, to each other: Tri colour Congress, Jet Red CPIM and Saffron BJP. The first two in the last year of UDF rule almost unitedly and in secrecy accused Mani Sir of being responsible for the Liquor licence scandal, though most of the UDF constituents were the beneficiaries of the said scandal. But the unkindest cut came from the top notch of the CPIM who accused him saying that Mani had kept a note counting machine in his Pala residence, from where he allegedly practised sleaze. Worse is that CPIM leaders were trying for an alliance with Mani’s party and were in the final stages of negotiations. Finally in disgust, surrounded by such characters, Mani left the UDF and kept a distance from the CPIM.

At that time almost crestfallen and confined to his home, Mani was approached by a saffron leader with a lotus. Mani liked the flower, its colour, fragrance and even the petals to do puja. Prospects looked promising. There was a promise for his son’s attractive accommodation catapulting the youngster to a high national level. But within Mani Sar’s group there were fifth columnists trying to sabotage the plans. To cut a long story short, as usual fifth columnists succeeded. That was terrible for Mani Sar.

When the crafty tactical line managers of AKG Bhawancame to know about the pathetic plight of Mani they once again revived old plans with some modification which includedpower share in Kerala, an irresistible offer to any politician. On hearing about the development,Kunhalikutty and Oommen Chandy together approached Mani not to file any divorce petition and reminding him about good old power filled honeymoon days in UDF, including holding the Finance portfolio for a record number of years. Mani honestly faced an imbroglio. But in came the offer from the jet red camp: finance portfolio is not all that difficult if willing to say “perhaps” not even “yes”.After all the choice is to accept vanvas or share power over the next three years, the remaining tenure of the LDF.

Manisar did not take much time to decide on the main enemy. Such confusions are for Karat and Yechuri which is tied by the web of ideological trappings and personal feud. Mani sar had no such problems. He decided and re-read his old writings when he left UDF to join LDF. May not be history repeating, may be with slight modifications reminding one of E.H. Carr’s writings on the controversial theory of history repeating and not repeating.

Mani has written in the latest issue of Pratichhhaya on his pet Theory of Toiling Class and against the farm policies of the BJP and UPA. He has also referred fondly to his party’s association with AKG in the fight for settler farmers in Idukki. Incidentally, he propounded his Theory of Toiling class in the Seventies prior to joining LDF. In the article he has come out heavily against the BJP and the UPA. BJP is described as a party for the miniscule minority of Corporates and the Gadgil-Kasturirangan reports were generated during UPA rule. “This put me in a really difficult situation,” he said adding that the largest number of suicides occurred during the UPA rule at the Centre. It is another matter Mani did not leave power even when the famers were experiencing the worst in the UPA rule. Clearly Mani has taken a decision. His choice is Jet Red. He has forgotten the old humiliating canards of the CPIM that he had kept a note counting machine at his Pala residence. Forget, kiss and make up is nothing new in Kerala politics after all. Yes, no permanent friends or enemies in politics.

If Pinnarayi Vijayan responds favourably to Mani's overtures, it may not augur well for CPI and Dr.Thomas Isaac.

Ignoring the anti-CPIM lobby within the party, Mani Sar seems to have decided about the finishing point of his twenty month marathon: AKG Bhavan.