Chewtie pie Alphons
Chewtie pie Alphons
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Chewtie pie Alphons


He is so cheweet, Alphons. The new union minister of state of tourism and IT with independent charge. He may or not be into flattery. But he is one always grateful. Yes, by nature he is not ungrateful. Always indebted to those who helped him or promoted him. He loves to speak well of people who have been of help to him.

He recently said that Narendra Modi “is a true Christian”, on his first visit to Kerala after swearing-in. One is not sure how Nagpur views the praise. But Kannamthanam spoke from his heart. For, that is his nature. But the point is that neither former union cabinet minister, Najma Heptullah now well settled in a sinecure nor recently promoted Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi ever said that Modi “is a true Muslim.” Why even Hardip Singh Puri did not say that Modiji “is a true Sikh.”

Kannamthanam is a different person. But for Keralites it is nothing surprising. He has praised Pinarayi Vijayan sky high when he got support of the Left for his MLA candidature. He had a kind word for V.S. Achuthanandan who rarely has a kind word for anyone. So much so, when Alphons became a minister, chief minister Pinarayi, not looking into frivolities like protocol invited him for Onam dinner at Kerala House, New Delhi, to honour his new exalted position. That is Pinarayi who always keeps his supporters within his wings and takes care of them. On other hand, VS had one or two adverse comments for honouring Alphons on becoming a union minister. VS did not even care for the fact that Alphons was an IAS topper! How arrogant leaders can be.

Kannamthanam had fantastic reception on his first visit to Kerala. He was received at the Kochi airport by no less a person than Kummanam Rajashekharan, who sacrificed his entire life for the Parivar. Kummanam did not bother that Kannamthanam had only sacrificed a few months for the Parivar. Nor did Kummanam consider the fact that grand old veterans were ignored in the selection of union ministership, a fact many in Kerala Parivar are hurt about.

The fact is, Alphons can adapt to any situation. Few hours before swearing-in his own closely held weakness for delicacy – corned beef and undercut pepper fry preparations – he gave up. Now he will eat beef only when he travels abroad. Why he has a solution for the beef problem which has created law and order situations all over the country and lives of many beef loving Indians. Alphons told all of them to come to India after taking beef to their heart’s content. They can go to any neighbouring country, have as much beef as they want and come to India. His suggestion was somewhat similar to a BJP veteran’s advice to all those unhappy with the affairs in India- to go to Pakistan.

What is notable is that Alphons almost became a Hindu. Then he found Modi is almost like a Christian. Now his task begins: He has to convince Christian leaders and ordinary sheep to accept that Modi is almost a Christian. Actual test of Alphons is in 2019. He has 18-20 months to win over the sheep herds (or is it convert) to his point of view.