What a man!
What a man!
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What a man!


A multi-faceted personality with unlimited commitments to many principles, ideals and ideology, Nitish Kumar, 6th time chief minister of Bihar is pilloried by his former colleagues in the anti-Modi gang unduly. Can such a man be accused of as a man with highly elastic commitments and ideals? To say the least it is unfair.

In his long political career Nitish has demonstrated his commitments to secularism, socialism, honesty, integrity and a host of more values and principles. But what many do not know is that all these are secondary commitments and the primary commitment is to serve the people, We the People. And to serve the people he is even prepared to take on the onerous responsibilities of power. He has done so six times, including the latest act of passion to serve We the People, in Bihar and twice in New Delhi. Not that he has any fascination for power. For that primary commitment to serve the people he will give up everything, which on occasion’smaybe some of his secondary commitments. This particular behaviour of Nitish few people can understand or try to understand.

To serve the people he joined the V.P. Singh ministry. He even compromised with communalism and joined the Vajpayee ministry concerned about the plight of the aam aadmi and to serve them. He opposed tooth and nail Narendra Modi’s ascendancy to power by openly backing L.K. Advani and continued to oppose Modi after becoming Prime minister, yes all to serve the common of the country. In the last Bihar elections, he joined hands with the Congress and Lalu’s RJD to oppose communal Modi and NDA. He knew then that Lalu and family had millions of unaccounted money, beyond their known sources of income but felt that theMahaghatbandhan was the best way to serve the people.

Some things are different today. With Lalu and family around, holding on to power will not be smooth with Modi and co. doing everything possible with weapons of mass destruction like CBI, IB, ED and RAW. Without power how can he serve the people? What is more it would be better to go with NDA in the given realities. Also if you look at the fast approaching next Lok Sabha poll, common sense dictates alliance with Modi. Giving up socialism, anti-communalism and anti-authoritarianism for the time being is ideal to hold on to authority and keep serving We the People.

After all if things change, Congress gets strengthened and BJP gets weakened due to faulty economic and other policies or anti-Modi forces strengthen with the Parivar, he can always come back to the UPA and continue his commitment to serve the people by taking the reins of power. He is not rigid. In fact, he is very flexible. He can serve the people either from New Delhi or Patna. He can revive all grand old principles, policies and even work for Hindutva mukht Bharat. He may extend a spirit of accommodation to even to Lalu Yadav and family.

Some people, including Mahatmaji, are particular about the path and purity of the goal. That is a long drawn out strategy. What will the aam aadmi do? Wait indefinitely? Nitish believes that is a crime to make the aam aadmi wait for long. Through Nitish’s political tactics you can continue to wield authority and serve the masses. You only need to change masters according to time and space. It is a diluted logical positivism –truth changes according to time and space. It would not be unfair to call Nitish a logical positivist.

To refer to such an honourable man in dishonourable terms without understanding his high ideals and passion to serve aam aadmi is to say the least, unfair. One can assure all that Nitish may continue to sacrifice his principles and lofty ideals for the sake of serving We the People. Not that he loves his principles less, but that he loves We the People more.