Pizza delivery boy in South Delhi tests positive for COVID-19

Pizza delivery boy in South Delhi tests positive for COVID-19

Agency News

After a pizza delivery boy in the national capital tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday, people living in as many as 72 houses in South Delhi were asked by the authorities to stay in home-quarantine.

The individual is employed at the renowned pizza outlet in South Delhi's Malviya Nagar, called 'Mojo Pizza', which delivers a combo of pizza and box meals and groceries on-demand. The people he delivered pizzas to and the people who may have, in turn, come into contact with them, have been asked to stay in home-quarantine by the officials, who are now trying to trace the exact network of the virus' potential spread.

Mojo Pizza has also issued a statement in which the pizza chain regretted the incident and said that it has suspended its operation for the time being. "As frontline workers, our delivery partners are at the highest risk when delivering essential items like food and grocery. But they have been fulfilling their duty to keep helping the society. As a company, we have been working very hard to ensure that each one of us follows all the best practices and safety measures to keep reducing the risk for any mishap, for both; our staff and our customers. There are temperature checks each day, the company provided masks & gloves, education on identifying symptoms and on self-isolation, strict protocols for sanitisation and zero contact delivery," the Mojo Pizza statement read.