Delhi government takes steps to feed the homeless amidst the lockdown

Delhi government takes steps to feed the homeless amidst the lockdown

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New Delhi, Mar 26: The Delhi government on Thursday announced that it is taking steps to ensure that the homeless and the poor do not have to face starvation because of the lockdown imposed by the central government to check the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.

The lockdown has made it virtually impossible for the homeless to get access to food and water.

Therefore, the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) has ordered it's Shelter Management Agencies (SMA)'s to serve two meals daily to those who reside at the night shelters free of cost. It has also started a helpline which was operationalised on Thursday to guide the needy to the nearest night shelter so that they could get access to decent food and shelter.

Ever since the lockdown was imposed even those who were not staying at these night shelters are now approaching them for food.

As the SMA's are not able to cope up with this added demand the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has directed District Magistrates(DM) to make necessary arrangements at appropriate locations in their respective districts to provide cooked food to the homeless people till the lockdown is enforced. The DM's have been directed to use the services of charitable organizations that are offering free meals to the underprivileged or which provide mid day meals at government schools.

The DM's have been directed to identify two centers in each municipal ward, preferably a school or a community hall where 500 meals can be served twice a day. This was conveyed in an official statement by CEO of DDMA Mr Vikas Anand. (UNI)