COVID-19: 5 new cases in Delhi in last 24 hrs, says CM

COVID-19: 5 new cases in Delhi in last 24 hrs, says CM

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New Delhi, Mar 25: Five new Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases were reported in the national capital in the last 24 hours, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Wednesday evening.

Addressing a digital press conference here, Mr Kejriwal said, 'In the last 24 hours, there have been five new COVID-19 cases in Delhi. One of them has foreign travel history. Now, the total number of cases rises to 35 in Delhi. We have to be more careful, there should not be more new cases.'

Delhi is prepared to ensure the supply of essential goods to it's residents during the 21-day "total lockdown" ordered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus in the country, the Delhi Chief Minister said.

Mr Kejriwal also urged people, once again, to respect the lockdown and remain inside their homes during this period. He said that his government will do their best to make sure nobody goes hungry.

To ensure a smooth supply of essential services, the Chief Minister announced a helpline number 1031, using which, the persons can apply for e-passes.

Mr Kejriwal said, "We are here to serve you. Please do not engage in panic buying. It is our responsibility to provide you with all the essential supplies such as vegetables, milk, and medicines. Those who are providing essential services to the people, general store owners, water and electricity department employees, government employees, government hospital doctors, vegetable vendors, will be issued passes by the government.

'The employees belonging to government services such as hospitals already have their identity cards.

'We will issue e-passes to people engaged in manufacturer, transport, and storage of essential items, as well as the people who work in private or government essential services. Also, people engaged in the supply and distribution of five basic essential items like milk, vegetables, ration shops, chemists and pharmacists.

'The helpline number for this is 1031. You can call the helpline number, intimate the authorities regarding the essential services you are engaged in, and you will be issued the e-pass.

"This is not a general helpline number, please do not make generalised calls on this number. I want to appeal to people to only use the helpline number, if they are engaged in providing essential services and want an e-pass to be issued in their name.

'On the other hand, the citizens do not need to have any pass for going to their nearby ration shops, general stores, or chemists for purchasing essential items," he said. Mr Kejriwal also warned landlords of strict action, if they force doctors and nurses to vacate their premises under the fear of infection.

He said, "I also heard that some landlords are forcing doctors and nurses to vacate their spaces, under the belief that these doctors or nurses may have been infected while treating the patients. This will not be tolerated.

'We will take care of our doctors, if something is to happen for them, we are there for them. The whole country should thank all the doctors and nurses, they are the only ones, who can save our lives. We have issued orders in this regard and strict action will be taken on behalf of the Delhi Police against landlords engaging in such unlawful activities." (UNI)