Case against Delhi CM is to block success of his governance: AAP
Case against Delhi CM is to block success of his governance: AAP

AAP likely to sweep Delhi, says Exit poll surveys

Agency News

Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will retain the Delhi assembly with a good margin, says most of the Exit poll surveys.

India Today-Axis Exit Poll says 59 percent of votes for AAP while BJP will have only 30 percent. In 70-member Delhi assembly, a party needs 36 seats to be able to form government in Delhi. Most of the exit polls predict more than 40 seats for AAP. The common thread is that AAP’s development politics rather than the communal polarization politics of BJP has got a big reception among voters.

The Republic channel, in its exit poll, has predicted that Arvind Kejriwal may yet again get to rule Delhi. His party -- Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) -- is predicted to win 48-61 seats. The BJP may win 9-21 seats and the Congress 0-1.

The Times Now-IPSOS, too has announced its Delhi Assembly election 2020 exit poll data. According to the Times Now-IPSOS, the AAP is predicted to sweep Delhi with 44 Assembly seats. The BJP may bag 26 seats and the Congress is predicted to win none.

NDTV exit poll says AAP will sweep 50 seats while BJP gets 19 and Congress 1.

India Today- Axis Exit poll also predict 50-58 seats to AAP while 2-10 seats for BJP and zero seat for Congress.