All parties want to remove me from Delhi: Kejriwal

All parties want to remove me from Delhi: Kejriwal

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New Delhi, Feb 4: Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said all the political parties such as BJP, Congress, JD(U), RJD, LJP, and parties from across the nation have come together in Delhi and their only motive is to defeat me.

'They want to defeat your elder son. 200 MPs, 11 CMs and 70 Union Ministers from the BJP are in Delhi to defeat me,” Mr Kejriwal said, while addressing a public meeting at the Metro Vihar area in Narela constituency.

'A few days back, Vijay Rupani Ji was also here for the election rally. When people asked Vijay Rupani Ji the price of electricity in his state Gujarat, he said Rs 10 per unit. People told him they receive free electricity in Delhi because of Kejriwal. People made it clear that Rupani Ji should first go back to their state, handle it well and then go to any other state for election speeches. Today, Manohar Lal Khattar Ji was here for the election rallies. The people of the area where he went for the rally asked him the number of hours his state Haryana gets electricity. He answered 10 hours, to which the people said that they get 24-hour electricity in Delhi because of Kejriwal. Yogi Adityanath Ji is in Delhi nowadays, he is criticising all the government schools and hospitals. He says if the BJP government comes to power, they will rebuild the Delhi schools and hospitals along the lines of Uttar Pradesh. Do you people want schools and hospitals here to be like the ones in Uttar Pradesh?','said Mr Kejriwal.

"The BJP is against providing free amenities to the people, they have criticised me time and again for the free provisions in Delhi. If they are voted to power, all the free provisions will be stalled. But till Kejriwal is in Delhi, people will continue to get free power, water, bus rides for women, healthcare and education,” he added.

Mr Kejriwal appealed to the people to vote for AAP for the development and progress of Delhi.

“We have worked very hard with dedication, conviction, and honesty in the last five years. We have worked to improve electricity, water, sewer, roads, drainage, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, the list is endless,” he said.

“I have worked as an elder son and elder brother of every family in the last five years. It is he who shoulders the responsibility of managing the household, paying electricity and water bills, taking his parents to a pilgrimage, taking care of the education of the children of his family, taking care of the health of his family, etc. Tell me that Is water pipelines have not been laid in many areas?. I am happy that people are receiving free water and electricity. We are providing free and quality healthcare to the people of Delhi, with free services and medicines available in all Mohalla Clinics and government hospitals across Delhi. Around 40,000 senior citizens have been sent to Theerth yatras across Vaishno Devi, Shirdi, Rameshwaram, Haridwar, Tirupati and all pilgrimage places in India. I have tried to take all these responsibilities on my shoulder by being an elder son of every household in Delhi in the last five years,” he said.

Listing out the various projects to be undertaken by AAP in the next five years, Mr Kejriwal said, “We have to do a lot of work in the next five years. I promise you that all the broken lanes and roads in your area will be fixed within the next four months. We have already installed water pipelines, and will provide 24x7 safe and clean drinking tap water to the people. We will soon also increase the strength of buses deployed in this constituency. We have to clean river Yamuna together, and I promise you that by the end of the next five years or before the next elections, I will accompany the people of Metro Vihar to take a holy dip in the river. The city of Delhi also needs to be cleaned up.”

“There must be a lot of BJP and Congress supporters in this crowd. You must have voted for your respective parties in the previous elections, but I have never discriminated against anybody after becoming the CM. The schools that we’ve constructed have children of BJP, Congress and AAP supporters. I want to appeal to BJP and Congress supporters, please be with your party, but vote for AAP this time. This is because no other party in the last 70 years have improved schools and hospitals. If you vote for a different party, it will again deteriorate their condition. Please be with your party.. but vote for AAP for the development of Delhi. I have not come to ask for votes for myself, but please vote for AAP for the development and progress of Delhi and the whole nation,” he said.

Assuring the people that they are like a family to him, Mr Kejriwal said, “It is only Kejriwal who has worked for you in the last five years and it is only Kejriwal who will work for you in the next five years, and not BJP or Congress. I have accepted you as my own. I have worked as everybody’s Chief Minister in the last five years, irrespective of whether he belonged to the BJP, Congress, or AAP. I have considered every person as a member of my family of two crore people of Delhi.”

Mr Kejriwal slammed the BJP for their ‘terrorist’ remark over the AAP Convener. “BJP leaders have been calling me a terrorist for the past few days. Do I look like a terrorist to you? Does a terrorist work to improve the education, healthcare, transportation for the people? Does a terrorist send his elders on a pilgrimage tour? How am I a terrorist?” he said.

“Vote for the broom on February 8 if you consider me your son, and vote for the lotus if you consider me a ‘terrorist’ ,” added Mr Kejriwal. (UNI)