Khureji Khas emerges as another Shaheen Bagh, women sit-in against CAA

Khureji Khas emerges as another Shaheen Bagh, women sit-in against CAA

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 15: Following the footsteps of women in Shaheen Bagh and Prayagraj's Mansoor Ali Park in Uttar Pradesh, hundreds of women in Khureji Khas of Laxmi Nagar area have been sitting on a dharna against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), NRC and NPR, for the past four days.

"This is the first time that most of us have been outside our homes after 2200 hrs and we will not return until this new citizenship law is rolled back," a local residence, who is also handling the sit-in named Maria, said.

The peaceful demonstration kicked-off with barely 50 women on Sunday afternoon under a tarp, with the anti-CAA, NRC and the NPR banners and tri-colour hanging around.

Local residents of this West Laxmi Nagar area are the ones, looking after the entire sit-in. Dozens of volunteers with a pinned ID card could be seen fetching mats, blankets and water, while clearing-off the entrance of the dharna, to ensure that there was no traffic disruption.

"Since the very first day, we have made sure that our protest troubles no one. There are no traffic disruptions or chaos of any kind. Our volunteers are continuously on run, to ensure that women and kids here are safe, nobody blocks the road or the entry area of dharna," Aamir, who has been living in the locality for over two decades, told UNI, adding that there is no cooperation from Delhi Police.

A few policemen were also present outside the protest. One of them was recording the entrance and exit of every single person in a handycam.

Some protesters complained that at the wee hours on Wednesday, lights in the tent were turned off and a handful of policemen entered the area, asking them to call-off the protest.

"They said that since they have denied permission to pro-CAA protesters to demonstrate, therefore, they cannot even allow us. They also said that our sit-in was troubling the locals" said Shenaz, a mother of three, adding that the nearby residents intervened just in time and police had to back out.

Activist and SC lawyer Prashant Bhushan, who addressed the women here on Wednesday, condemned the police's way of handling the protest.

"Each and every citizen of India has the right to put across it's point to the government, but the police is trying to suppress the protests everywhere. This is not how a democratic country functions," he said. (UNI)