Assy passes Delhi Sports University Bill; Kejriwal calls it ‘historic’

Assy passes Delhi Sports University Bill; Kejriwal calls it ‘historic’

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New Delhi, Dec 2 : Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday termed the passage of Delhi Sports University (DSU) Bill in the Legislative Assembly as 'historic', and said it will enable India's sportspersons to win Olympic medals and uphold the pride of our great nation.

The Delhi Assembly passed Delhi Sports University Bill in its session today. Mr Kejriwal termed it historic as 'Delhi Sports University will fulfill the dreams of the youth and the sports persons in the country. It will help India to win more medals than China in Olympics. China took 32 years from 1952 to 1984. I assure you that we will take less time than China. I hope that I won’t die without seeing this dream come true. We will achieve our targets in a time bound manner. If this University is run by political parties, leaders and officers, nothing will work. This university will run by professionals. For this university, we will create a governance structure that can take quick and responsible decisions and implement them effectively.'

'DSU establishing with taxpayers’ money in Delhi will provide quality opportunity for sportspersons from across the country. The university meant for the youth and sportsperson in India will be made one of the most sought after place for sports in the world. On the day when India win more medals than China in Olympics, people will recall this historic day-December 2, 2019 that passed the Delhi Sports University Bill in the Delhi Legislative Assembly,' he said.

While presenting the Bill, Manish Sisodia, Delhi's Deputy CM and Education Minister said 'This bill is the outcome of a big dream of the Delhi government and the people of Delhi. The proposed university will be instrumental to materialise the dreams of 130 crore Indians in sports.'

The campus of the Sports University will be set up in Mundka in West Delhi. During the discussion on the Bill in the Assembly, Mr Kejriwal said, 'Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is a strong nationalist and patriotic political party. We are extremely conscious of our national identity and pride. Round the clock, we are thinking of ways to enhance our national pride. Sport is a unique arena where a nation’s capabilities are assessed and hence matters to a nation’s pride internationally. In the last 70 years, India won only 28 medals i.e. nine Gold, seven Silver and 12 Bronze medals, whereas in 2016 Rio Olympics alone China won 70 medals. Even smaller countries used to win more medals than us. In 2016, Kenya and Jamaica won 13 and 11 medals respectively, but we won only two medals. It is very difficult to accept. As a nation, are we below any other nation? Are our people, sportspersons and the youth below to people anywhere in the world? Definitely it is not. Our nation is fortunate to have better people.'

'There are shortcomings in our governance system. Our sportspersons do not get the required support from the government. Our government systems are adverse to talented and even accomplished sportspersons. In order to remove this difficulty, we need to approach sports with the perspective of national pride and professionalism, so that one day India will win more medals than China in Olympics,' the CM said, adding,'Is it possible? Definitely yes.'

'In 2015, when we made the promises of 24x7 electricity, reduction of electricity bill to half and improving the government schools and hospitals in Delhi, the critics argued that we were fooling the people of Delhi. But in the last five years we proved that fulfilling all these promises are possible with an honest and responsible government at the helm of affairs in Delhi. The corrupt conventional politics ruined the progress of the nation for the last 70 years by keeping the people uneducated and underdeveloped. Aam Aadmi party led government in Delhi created an antithesis to this,' he said.

While presenting the Bill in the house after the approval from the Lieutenant Governor, Mr Sisodia said, 'India still continues to remain a developing nation. In order to make India, a developed nation we need to ensure that two sectors – Education and Health are significantly improved. That is why Delhi government has been giving utmost importance to these two sectors. The Sports University will play a crucial role to make our people healthy and educated. We appreciate and celebrate the achievements of sportspersons and teams. But sports often remain undervalued in terms of career growth and upward mobility in the social ladder. Parents are conventionally prompted to assess the achievements of their wards in terms of their CBSE grades, admission in IITs and achievements in competitive exams like IAS. This historic initiative – Delhi Sports University will drastically change this perception.'

'This university is instituted in continuation of Delhi government’s various projects to improve the sporting infrastructure across the city. In the past years, Delhi’s students performed well in the National School Games and won many medals. Delhi Sports University will nourish the sporting talents of the youngsters in Delhi,' Mr Sisodia said. (UNI)