Delhi reels under ‘poor’ air

Delhi reels under ‘poor’ air

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 19: Air quality in the national capital continued to reel under 'poor' category with an index value 225 at around 1pm, according to the Central Pollution Control Board.

However, the situation was better compared to what it was during the past week when the AQI was under severe category and the sky was full of haze. The government which was thinking of extending the Odd Even scheme did not do so as the skies got clear on Monday.

However, the weather agencies have suggested lowering of the wind speed in the coming two days that may affect the air quality, but, decrease in stubble burning can be a relief for the Delhiites

Wind speed and low temperatures also affect the air quality to an extent as cold air is denser and with more humidity and moisture it tends to hold particulate matter.

Minimum temperature on Tuesday morning was 12.3 degrees C while the relative humidity was 67 per cent, as per the Met office. (UNI)