Kejriwal blasts BJP for ‘politicising’ odd-even scheme

Kejriwal blasts BJP for ‘politicising’ odd-even scheme

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 4: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party opposition to the Odd-Even scheme was driven by pure politics.
In a statement on the beginning of the drive, Mr Kejriwal said, 'I am disappointed that while the two crore people of Delhi are supporting us in the implementation of the Odd-Even scheme, but the BJP is opposing it and the efforts of the people of the national Capital. BJP should not politicise the issue and instead support the people of Delhi.'

The Chief Minister said he will check the routes where there are shortage of buses and more buses will be deployed with immediate effect.

Expressing concern over air pollution, Kejriwal said the Delhi Government is taking every step to combat it.

'Smoke and pollution have engulfed the whole of North India. We are very concerned about how pollution is severely affecting Delhi and the health of the people, especially the children. So the Delhi Government together with the people of Delhi is doing whatever it can to combat pollution. Since we cannot do anything to prevent the pollution caused by external factors, we are doing everything we can to reduce the internal causes in Delhi,' the Chief Minister said. (UNI)