Tomato price going through roof to ₹80/kg

Tomato price going through roof to ₹80/kg

Agency News

Close on the heels of price hike of onion, the retail price of tomatoes shot up to ₹80 per kilogram in the national capital on Wednesday.

The festive season has turned sour with the escalation of the price of vegetables like tomato and onion. Traders blame the supply disruption caused by heavy rains in key growing states, including Karnataka.

Soon after the relentless price hike, the Centre had banned the export of onion as an exercise to stopping price rise. Following which, the price of onions has come down marginally compared to past week and is now hovering around ₹60 per kg in the national capital.

The price is expected to remain high till November 3-4 to make an anti-incumbency feeling among voters. As both tomato and onion are staple item, households are struggling to pay Rs.120-140 to buy. Most prefer to purchase small quantities in the hope that rates will reduce shortly.

According to traders, tomatoes have turned costlier in the last few days as supplies have been impacted. As per the central government data, the average retail price of tomato in Delhi increased to ₹54 per kg on Wednesday from ₹45 per kg on November 1.

Southern states like Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana as well as some hilly states have witnessed rains in the last few days, which has led to damage of the crop, creating a supply disruption.

Retail price of tomatoes in other metros were also ruling high. Tomato was quoted at ₹60 per kg in Kolkata, ₹54 per kg in Mumbai and ₹40 per kg in Chennai on Wednesday, as per the government data.

Meanwhile, price of onions in retail markets in Delhi has come down to below ₹60 per kg due to increase in supply of the bulb by the central government through cooperatives Nafed, NCCF and Mother Dairy. These cooperatives are selling onions at a cheaper rate of ₹23.90 per kg. However, the price is still on the higher side in the retail market.

These entities are selling onions from the buffer stock maintained by the central government. Out of 56,700 tonnes of onion stored as buffer stock, 18,000 tonnes have been offloaded in different markets, including Delhi.