Delhi Police bust ‘gulel’ gang, three held

Delhi Police bust ‘gulel’ gang, three held

Agency News

New Delhi, Oct 6 :  Delhi Police have busted a gang of thieves known as the 'gulel' by apprehending three persons from the South-East district's Bardarpur border adjoining area, the police said on Sunday.

According to police, they said used to steal laptops, phones and other valuable articles from a parked vehicle after breaking the glass by using a 'gulel' catapult from a distance after conducting recce of a vehicle either with a single driver with a laptop bag or a parked vehicle.

They were intercepted during picketing on Saturday night when they were coming towards the Kaya Maya picket form the Badarpur border side.

The police initially stopped their three-wheeler from normal routine checking, however, over suspicious behaviour they were asked further questions and during checking a laptop bag was found on them which had an I-Pad, a phone which seemed to be stolen.

They used to conduct the recce using a three-wheeler as one of them during the day worked as three wheeler driver.

The three have been identified as Ankit ,Mohammad Zakir and Nasruddin and all three of them belong to Sangam Vihar.

With their arrest a total of 8 theft cases have been worked out , the police said. (UNI)