Acharya Bhikshu Hospital to get 270 additional beds: Kejriwal

Acharya Bhikshu Hospital to get 270 additional beds: Kejriwal

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 9: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced the expansion of Acharya Bhikshu Hospital, saying a new block of 270 beds will be constructed here.
Mr Kejriwal and Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Monday laid the foundation stone for a new hospital block for Delhi government’s Acharya Bhikshu Hospital in Moti Nagar, where the constituency MLA, Shiv Charan Goel and Rajender Nagar MLA Vijender Garg were also present at the ceremony. Announcing the expansion plans of the Acharya Bhikshu hospital, Mr Kejriwal said, ''I am delighted to announce the expansion of Acharya Bhikshu Hospital. A new block of 270 beds is being constructed here, that will increase the number of beds from 150 to 420.''

Congratulating the PWD and the hospital staff of the hospital, the Chief Minister said, ''The construction of this block will be completed in the next 15 months by PWD.The services being added to this hospital will be such that even a top private hospital may not be able to provide. The PWD engineers have worked with great excellence.''

Commenting on the hospital and its condition before 2015, he said, ''Earlier, nobody wanted to be left at the mercy of a government hospital. I have been told many instances about this very hospital I am standing in, about its shortcomings. But the transformation that I am witnessing today is commendable. With the same MS, the same doctors, the same nurses, etc., the hospital has been transformed. It is not the people who have changed, it is the politics that has. It is you people who have brought in such an honest government that ensures all officials have complete freedom to operate at their full potential.''

The CM also spoke of the public participation in the '10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute' campaign. Sharing details of the inception of the Delhi government’s fight against Dengue, Mr Kejriwal said,''Both in 2018, and this year, all experts have been telling us that the Dengue mosquito operates in a cycle and we should be prepared for a spike in cases. But the collective efforts by the people of Delhi did not let that happen last year. This year too, we have to inspect our houses for accumulation of clean stagnant water that becomes a place for mosquitoes to breed.''

''When we came into office in 2015, there were 15000 cases of Dengue in Delhi. There was chaos all over, I was traveling non-stop from one stop to another. There were 60 deaths that year. After four years of our government, there have been recorded only 2700 cases in 2018,'' he said.

Referring to the Centre for Science and Environment's report on declining pollution, Mr Kejriwal said, ''The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has presented a report in Parliament, that Delhi is the only city to have witnessed a decrease in the pollution levels by 25 per cent since this government was formed in 2015. We have to reduce it by at least 50-60 per cent more to bring it into the safe limit.''

''Most importantly, we also have to prepare ourselves for the adverse effects of the pollution caused by crop burning from the neighboring states like Haryana and Punjab. We have also sought suggestions from people on how to combat the pollution from the neighboring states. We have been coordinating with those states and urged them to take steps in their own territorial limitations on residue burning. But we must also take some steps to protect our children,'' said the CM.

''This expansion of Acharya Bhikshu Hospital will ensure people no longer have to be referred to bigger hospitals that are far away. People will get high quality treatment in this hospital itself,'' Mr Jain said. (UNI)