Two-day Dhrupad music festival held in Delhi

Two-day Dhrupad music festival held in Delhi

Agency News

New Delhi, Sep 2 : Renowned exponents of the Dhrupad singing tradition entertained music lovers in Delhi during a Dhrupad music festival held in the capital on the weekend. Organised by Pandit Kshitipal Mallik Dhrupad Society, the music festival, held at the India Habitat Centre, aimed to carry forward the musical tradition of Dhrupad Emperor Acharya Pandit Kshitipal Mallik of Darbhanga Gharana (Rajgayak), famous as 'Rajgayak' of Darbhanga royal family.

Dedicated to the memory of Pandit Narhari Pathak Mallik, the legendary singer of Dhrupad, the festival saw memorable musical performances of the Haveli music tradition with Dhrupad, Dhamar and Khyal Gayiki. During the festival, Zaheeruddin Dagar and Ustad Fayazuddin Dagar were posthumously awarded the fourth Pandit Kshitipal Mallik Dhrupad Ratna Award by Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi.

The festival witnessed the young Dhrupad singer Dr Prabhakar Narayan Pathak Mallik of Darbhanga Gharana perform a beautiful rendition of Hey Sakhi Sawan Aayo in Dhrupad, Dhamar. Another memorable performance was by Padmabhushan Pandit Gokulotsav Ji Maharaj, a world famous singer of Haveli tradition. The audience enjoyed the distinct singing of Pandit Gokulotsav Ji Maharaj and his son Pandit Brajotsav Ji Maharaj, who belong to the famous Indore family of the country.UNI