Kejriwal inaugurates CCTVs in New Delhi constituency

Kejriwal inaugurates CCTVs in New Delhi constituency

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New Delhi, Jul 7: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday inaugurated the installation of several hundred CCTV cameras in his assembly constituency, New Delhi.

The installation of CCTV cameras was inaugurated at the Central Government Employees Residential Colony on Pandara Road and at Laxmi Bai Nagar near Sanjay Jheel.

Addressing the media after the inauguration, the Chief Minister expressed his happiness over the installation of CCTV cameras in his constituency.

"The deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi has caused people to worry for their safety and security, especially women. I am happy that as many as three lakh CCTV cameras are being installed across the city, and every nook and corner of the city is being covered,' Mr Kejriwal said.

After installing a CCTV on a resident's building at the Pandara Flats, the CM visited the resident's home to thank them for volunteering their building to install cameras.

Sharing his government's rationale to launch such a massive CCTV project, Mr Kejriwal said, "The biggest advantage of Delhi's huge CCTV network is that it will create deterrence. It will discourage persons with criminal intent to follow through with a criminal act because of the fear of being captured in CCTV cameras."

"At the same time it will provide very important clues and evidence to the police to nab criminals. Yesterday I visited a 6-year-old rape survivor at Safdarjung Hospital. The police were able to catch hold of the rapist only because the suspect was caught on CCTV,' he said.

Addressing the concerns over rising crime in Delhi, the CM said, "The Centre and Delhi Police need to step up security in the city. We will work together with them to make Delhi safe for all. Delhi government is installing CCTVs across the city, which will also help the Police combat crime."

The installation ceremony inaugurated on Sunday, is part of a city-wide program under which an average of 4,000 cameras will be set up in each Assembly constituency. While the first batch of 2,000 cameras is already in the process of installation, tenders for the second batch have been drawn up.

A survey done by the Chief Minister's constituency team has estimated a total requirement of 4,300 CCTV cameras, all of which will be installed soon.

Mr Kejriwal has personally conducted over 180 meetings in his constituency and taken feedback from residents about the locations where CCTVs are required. The entire project is being executed based on citizen feedback. (UNI)