Delhi Govt launches Urban Mobility Lab

Delhi Govt launches Urban Mobility Lab

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New Delhi, Jun 26: The Delhi government on Wednesday launched its ambitious Urban Mobility Lab (UML) initiative in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to promote innovation of clean and sustainable mobility solutions in the national capital.
The lab was launched by Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot, and Vice Chairperson, Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC), Jasmine Shah, in the presence of several stakeholders from government, industry and civil society.

As part of the UML, Delhi government also announced its first electric vehicles freight pilot. Over 30 players in final-mile urban delivery from across India have come together in Delhi as part of the Urban Mobility Lab with the goal of piloting up to 1,000 electric vehicles (EVs) for urban deliveries in the city over the next 12 months.
It is a first-of-its-kind project with an objective to pilot and rigorously analyse the performance of EVs for urban deliveries.

At the announcement of the pilot, Mr Gahlot said, "Delhi government believes electric vehicles (EVs) are the future and it's time to bring this future into the present. To make life easier and better for the common man, it is critical that the cost of EVs comes down. We are willing to work with all stakeholders in the industry and resolve any hurdles that they face in the roll out of EVs in the city."

Jasmine Shah added, “Delhi aims to become the EV capital of India. Electrification of final mile delivery vehicles has the potential to kick-start the transition to EVs in the city. We expect this pilot to pave the way for other market segments and are committed to its success.''

Regarding the UML pilot working group, Dave Mullaney, Director for RMI’s global freight transport initiative said, ''The use of EVs for final mile delivery is ready to take off. The participants who are working with us and their excitement to be on this pilot shows that clearly. It is an incredibly exciting group that includes titans of Indian industry, global e-commerce giants and brand new homegrown startups. We look forward to working with companies and the Delhi government to make the city a global leader in final mile electrification.''

Samhita Shiledar, RMI’s project manager for the pilot, remarked on the high level of partnership between public and private sectors.

''Collaboration between different public and private sector players has been crucial to the pilot. The level of commitment and enthusiasm from a wide range of stakeholders is unique and will position Delhi to be a first mover in EV space in India and an example for other cities to follow,'' Samhita said. (UNI)