Girlfriend attacks boyfriend fearing breakup

Girlfriend attacks boyfriend fearing breakup

Agency News

New Delhi, June 16: Delhi Police have worked out a case related to the chemical attack on a 24 year old man who was travelling on a two wheeler near Vikaspuri drain in West Delhi along with his female friend.

According to police, unexpectedly it was the female friend who turned out to be the attacker who hurled the chemical on the man after asking him to remove the helmet while they were travelling together.

She decided to take this step to force him to marry her as the two were in a relationship as per her claim. The boyfriend was insisting on breakup with her.

''I had no option left than to disfigure his face so that he cannot marry anyone else but me '', the accused told police.
During initial interrogation behaviour of the female friend of the complainant, who was with him at the time of the incident, was suspicious.

Police had received the complaint on June 11 regarding the incident wherein the complainant alleged that someone attacked him by hurling some chemical on him while he was travelling on a two wheeler with his female friend near the drain in Vikaspuri area of West Delhi.

Initially, the complainant was little apprehensive and was not cooperating with the investigation, the police said but later told the police that the attack came after his girlfriend asked him to remove the helmet.

During the interrogation on Sunday, finally the female friend confessed her guilt saying that it was she who wanted to disfigure his face by throwing chemical.

She further told police that she was in a relationship with the victim for around three years and wanted to marry him while he insisted to part ways, thereby she hatched a plan to throw chemical on his face.

She purchased a bottle of house cleaning chemical and carried it in a plastic bottle. Accordingly the police, the accused has been arrested and produced before a court.
The exact nature of the chemical is yet to be ascertained.