Power price half of what Congress charged: AAP

Power price half of what Congress charged: AAP

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 12: Hitting out at the Congress over raising the power price issue in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday said based on facts, it was found that the Arvind Kejriwal-led government was providing electricity to the people of Delhi at half the price, compared to what was charged by the then Congress government, headed by Sheila Dikshit.

According to AAP Spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj, the Congress delegation that met Mr Kejriwal this morning regarding the power issue, was provided with a 'fact sheet,' which embarrassed Ms Dikshit, as she found that the rates in 2019 under the Kejriwal were still half of what she charged.

''Congress delegation was provided fact-sheet at CM house. @SheilaDikshit left embarrassed when she found that 2019 rates under AK are still half of what she charged.That too after 6 yrs,'' he said.

Referring to the old times, Mr Bharadwaj said that when Delhi was under the Congress government's regime and Ms Dikshit was the Chief Minister, at that time, Mr Kejriwal started a big movement in the national capital, regarding prices of electricity.

People of Delhi were very upset with the escalating prices of electricity back then and about 10 lakh people filed their protest by writing a letter and along with Mr Kejriwal, went ahead to meet the then CM.

They were told by one of her associates that she could not meet as she was sleeping, however, when Mr Kejriwal was approached by them presently, he immediately responded to his predecessor and met her, keeping in view the issue, which was related to the people of Delhi.

"Aam Aadmi Party is a people's party and if any member of the public wishes to meet the CM, we believe it is our duty to give them an audience," said Mr Bharadwaj.

He further said that Power Minister in the Delhi Cabinet Satyendra Jain presented the relevant facts and figures to counter the Congress accusation.

Comparing the prices of electricity during Ms Dikshit's tenure with the prices today, he said, "In 2010, during the Congress government, for a 1 KW meter reading 50 units, the bill generated was of Rs 153. In 2013, this escalated to Rs 264.

''Within three years, the bills went up by 73 per cent during Sheila Dikshit's tenure. Today, for the same consumption, Delhi pays only Rs 128, which is approximately half of the bill in 2013. Similarly for a consumption of 100 units, the bill in 2013 would amount to Rs 485, but today, consumers have to pay just Rs 211.

''No matter what is the consumption of power, Delhi consumers under the AAP government pay about half of what they had to pay during the Congress rule,'' he added. (UNI)