Women welcome free Metro, bus rides

Women welcome free Metro, bus rides

Agency News

New Delhi, Jun 3 : Women in the national capital on Monday by and large welcomed the move by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who announced the free metro and bus travel for them in the city.

Several women said it would benefit them, and save on their monthly cost incurred on transportation.Manisha, a school teacher said: 'It is a convenient step for women. As women, we, the household runners would now be able to save money, from our home budget. More and more women would use Delhi transport for commuting and hopefully personal transport would now get a well deserved rest.'

Sunita, a Delhi University professor said,'This seems like vote bank politics. At the end of the day, it will cause burden to the common man, including working women. Mr Kejriwal is not going to pay from his own pocket. He will use people's money. The passenger load will increase on metro and quality may fall.'

A banker working in the city, Manish Singh, appreciated the reported move by Delhi Chief Minister. ``Keeping security concerns of the women particulary those living in isolated and shady areas. However, the scheme has raised eyebrows as it is announced just after Lok Sabha polls in which, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government was miserably trounced by BJP. Why this step in 2019, and not in 2015?'Siddharth, a college student said,'This is a mere vote bank politics of the AAP government. Why bring such policies before the elections only. It would be better if the condition of DTC buses is improved.' A yoga teacher, Nahid, said,'This is a good step, if it is implemented. Only announcement can't give happiness, until the step comes into force.'

Sounding skeptic about the free Metro and bus ride scheme, Sudha, a call-centre employee wondered if it would remain in force till elections or even after that.
Divya Kumari, a government official said,'It's good if it is implemented in letter and spirit. It should not create chaos among male community. It is better to give concessional pass rather than making free travel. It is better to increase women coaches.'

Shilpa, a MNC worker said,'I am very happy as it will be a very beneficial step towards women safety. Those women who can't afford metro, they will be benefited with this step.' Himani, a student termed it a good policy, saying since metro fare was increased those women who could not afford metro, will be benefitted. She added that the government should implement this as soon as possible and other states will also be motivated from this step.

In his announcement, Mr Kejriwal said that in all DTC buses, cluster buses and metro trains, women commuters will be allowed to travel free of cost so that they can have a safe travel experience and access to modes of transport which were not affordable earlier due to high prices.

He said the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government was making an effort to start this free travel within two to three months. On losses which would occur with the implementation of the scheme, the Chief Minister said the AAP government will bear the cost.  (UNI)