Kejriwal expresses gratitude for AAP workers’ efforts

Kejriwal expresses gratitude for AAP workers’ efforts

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New Delhi, May 29: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday addressed a letter to the party workers, post the Lok Sabha elections, expressing appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and efforts.

In the letter, Kejriwal said,'During the recent Lok Sabha election, our volunteers ran a superb campaign putting all their energies into it. Across the country, people acknowledged that our candidates were among the best. The results, however, didn't meet our expectations. Post election ground analysis has revealed two major reasons. First, the atmosphere that prevailed in the country rubbed off on Delhi as well. Second, people saw this 'big election' as between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi and voted accordingly. Whatever be the reason, we were not able to explain to the public as to why they should vote for us in this big election.'

'On the brighter side, the people have been enthusiastically assuring us that in the 'small election' for Delhi Vidhan Sabha, they will vote in the name of the incredible work we have have done in Delhi,' he said. 'Our ground impact on education, health, water, electricity, pensions, doorstep delivery of 70 government services, and basic amenities in underdeveloped colonies, etc. has made it possible for us to proudly engage in conversations with the public. These successes have been achieved due to the collective efforts of thousands of our volunteers who have played a huge role in the implementation of these reforms,' he said.

'Our supporters are also proud because our government has not budged from the corruption-free mission that brought this party into existence six-and-a-half years ago. Despite unleashing the power of all government agencies on my ministers and me, they couldn't find even a single naya paisa worth of corruption. All the cases filed on our 20 MLAs were dismissed by the courts,' the CM said.

The Supreme Court has removed one hurdle, he said now they do not need to send files for LG's approval and are able to get even more work done within their jurisdiction. Doorstep delivery of government services, revival of 2000+ lakes and raising ground water levels, environment-friendly electric vehicle policy and acquisition of 1000's of electric and green buses, CCTV camera installations, etc. are being received very well by the public, he said.

All this has been achieved without increasing taxes, through honest intent, and delivery, he said. 'In fact, we managed to almost double our budget. This is exemplary by any standard. I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your generous contributions and commitment to the idea of what India can be,' he said.
He expressed hope for their continued support and commitment for the Assembly polls.