Hydraulic lifts for standard floor CNG buses

Hydraulic lifts for standard floor CNG buses

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 1: The Delhi Government on Friday approved the Department of Transport proposal for the reimbursement of incremental cost for fitment of hydraulic lifts in 1,000 Standard Floor CNG propelled Buses to the concessionaires.

The Cabinet meeting was chaired by the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The Delhi Government is committed to provide efficient and environment friendly modes of public transport for the residents of Delhi.

Sufficient modes of public transport are the only way to reduce air pollution in Delhi and bring down the number of vehicles on the roads of Delhi to reduce congestion.

The Cabinet approved the proposal to allow the reimbursement of the overall cost of fitment of lifts on 1,000 buses, at a benchmark cost of Rs 3,63,396 per bus, amounting to a total of Rs 36,33,96,000 (including GST), to the concessionaires.

The reimbursement of the cost shall be made to the concessionaires, at the time of actual induction of buses subject to a supplementary agreement to be executed by the concessionaire with the Department about the recovery of expenses incurred by Government after taking into account the depreciation factor in the eventuality of termination of agreement.

This payment of yearly AMC charges on per bus basis shall be made to the concessionaires, at the end of each year on actual number of buses. The decision for the installation of hydraulic lifts in standard floor buses has been taken following the directions of the Supreme Court and High Court of Delhi.

The technology of fitment of lifts is new in India for standard floor buses. The prototype of buses with hydraulic lifts for wheel chair bound commuters has been prepared.

The Delhi government has made a commitment before the SC that it will bear the cost of installation of lifts in 1,000 standard floor buses.