BJP is doing vendetta politics

BJP is doing vendetta politics

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New Delhi, Dec 1: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday lambasted at the BJP-led Centre government on it's refusal to allow him to visit Austria and talk about 'Happiness Curriculum', terming it as a 'vendetta' politics.

Addressing the media persons, after being 'denied' the permission to visit Austria, during which he wanted to share the "Happiness Curriculum" with the world said,'I was about to leave tonight to Austria for the three-day conference, where leaders, educationists from around the world will come and discuss about the well-being of the students. I was told to keep Delhi's education model there that will add to the nation's prestige only.'

'But Narendra Modi's government is not giving political clearance and even they are not telling the reason. This shows BJP is doing politics in the name of the country also. Few days back the BJP Government had stopped Satyendra Jain's Australia tour, where he was going to discuss the topic of Mohalla Clinic. And now they are stopping me from going to Austria,' he said.

'The trip is being funded by the British council--there is no money of Centre or Delhi Government involved in this. But despite all this the Centre is having problem. I want to ask what kind of politics is this. You should be happy that India's education model is being put on the international level, which will make our country proud. The world wants to know through our model that how to reduce the stress of children, how to increase their interests in academics. But Centre has refused to let me go. This is a very vendetta politics,' Mr Sisodia said.

'It would have only showcased India's success in implementing 'Happiness Curriculum'. Same was done in Mohalla Clinic and now in education sector. I want to tell do whatever you want, but the world will understand the 'Happiness Curriculum', because we will present the model to the world. Our work will go on,' he said.

The Deputy CM told how the Delhi's 'Happiness Curriculum' is praised across the nation and even abroad.

'Good work is being done in the education sector and the opponents are also praising it. There is worldwide commendation, people are coming from overseas to see the education model. Oxford is doing PhD on the outcome of the happiness curriculum. Around 10 lakh students are taking happiness class everyday.Students do mediation in happiness class, stories are told to them. The impact of all these are being published in the newspapers,' he said.

'I have recently done meetings with principals of the school and they have told me that the focus of the students have increased leading to the good results. Fights in the children have diminished. Parents are praising, tension is reduced in the children. Attendance has increased, cleanliness is maintained by the students. Parents are telling that we can see positive behavioural changes in our children. Within three months, so many positive impacts have been made by this curriculum,' he said.

The Deputy CM alleged the presence of the education mafia in Delhi.

'There is a big education mafia operating in Delhi, who used to give fake admissions to children, did EWS scam. We are spending 55 per cent budget on education, so we are trying to catch these fraudsters involved in this sector. There is a private school where seats are for 200 students but 1200 students are enrolled in the class.The schemes are being misused and because of this the Delhi children are suffering. They have to stand in long queues to get the admission.The children of the national capital are giving huge funds just to get the admission which is happening due to these fraudsters,and we have to stop this,' he said.

'I want to say to the Delhiites that they should not fall prey to the education mafia in Delhi. All children of the country are our children but by giving false address proof you are snatching rights entitled to someone else's child.

If election card is used as an address proof then we will definitely investigate it. Election Commission's job is to get the elections done properly and not to stop the work of the Delhi government and they have no right to it,' he added.

Mr Sisodia was 'forced' to cancel his tour to Austria due to lack of approval from the central government.

He was expected to speak about the happiness classes being run in Delhi government schools.

The curriculum launched by the Delhi government in July includes meditation, value education, and mental exercises for students of nursery up to class 8.

He was to be part of several panel discussions, and several interviews were supposed to happen. (UNI)