Dry fruit-based nutritional product for new moms

Dry fruit-based nutritional product for new moms

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New Delhi, Apr 22: A Bengaluru-based startup has designed a dry-fruit based nutritional product for new mothers, aiming to fulfill their nutritional needs after childbirth, to be launched in the market next month.

According to KusumBhandari, Co-Founder of start-up 'BhookaHaathi', ''We have done the research and found that there are hardly any 100 per cent natural products in the market, which fill the gap. ''Our product will be used to replenish the lost nutrients in the bodies of new mothers, for example, Calcium and Iron, apart from other micro-nutrients. Right nutrition at this stage can help them stay healthy at later stages of life and also reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which most women suffer from,'' she added.

Bhandari said the proprietary composition includes 100 per cent natural ingredients, based on nuts, dried fruits, seeds and spices. Bhookha Haathi was founded by Bhandari and Ayushman Rishi in 2018, with the vision of creating products that would help people do away with the unhealthy and harmful chewing products, like tobacco. She said the startup uses a well-defined Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that studies current and past health conditions, choices and other factors to recommend personalised preventive alternative nutraceutical products to customers, among other things.

''This tech part is something that entered the picture naturally. While we were deriving our first product, we didn't want to go to the drawing board every now and then to figure out combinations. So, we leveraged AI to make our lives easier. It becomes smarter every day with more data that it receives,'' said Ayushman Rishi. Also, in light of the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the startup is working on creating its own delivery channel for its products and plans, to build an e-commerce platform for consumers, he added.(UNI)