COVID 19 will affect weaker segments more: Tatas sons Chairman

COVID 19 will affect weaker segments more: Tatas sons Chairman

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Hyderabad, Mar 21: The outbreak of COVID-19 is a major global crisis and the current situation is likely to have a large and deep financial impact on the weaker socio-economic segments of our society, said Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekharan on Friday.

In a release , Mr Chandrasekharan said the government is taking many proactive steps and precautionary measures to contain this threat in India. These are tough and uncertain times, and the nation needs our collective efforts. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned on Thusrday, resolution and restraint are important to combat this pandemic. "At the Tata Group, we have asked all of our companies to exercise extreme caution, he said Our companies have largely enabled a ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) environment," he said. "We have asked our companies in India to rapidly and extensively adopt WFH to ensure that employees travel only in the most essential cases, excluding situations in which they are involved in the delivery of products and services for the larger public good," the Chairman said. "During this time of crisis, our group companies commit to ensuring full payments to the temporary workers and daily wage earners who are working in our offices and at our sites in India for the month of March and April, 2020, even if these workers are not able to work due to either quarantine measures, site closures, plant shutdowns or other reasons.

" The other segment of particular focus is the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector, he said our group companies follow a policy of making timely payments of legitimate dues. "Under the current situation, we will monitor this closely to ensure that such dues are paid on an immediate basis in order to provide liquidity," he added. (UNI)