Titan launches new 'Titan Connected X' smart watch

Titan launches new 'Titan Connected X' smart watch

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Bengaluru, Feb 11 : The Titan Company Limited, India’s leading manufacturer and sellers in watches, jewellery and eyewear, has launched a new full smart watch ‘Titan Connected X’ here on Tuesday. Announcing the new product, at a press conference here, S Ravi, CEO, Watches and Wearable business of the Titan Company Limited, informed that the new product is aimed at further strengthening and accelerating the company’s footprint in the segment.

Stating that the Company, which had set its foot firmly in its wearables journey had designed the new product, for attracting the new segment of consumer, the ‘First-time jobers’ apart from the existing consumers segment, he said that ‘the Titan Connected X’ comes with heaviest in terms of features and lighter with price.

He said that the new watch, comes with three variants and loaded with 13 tech features, including activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, find phone, camera control, sleep tracking, weather, calendar alerts and customisable watch faces, music and selfie control on the go. He said that the new product, priced at Rs 14,000 plus, will be made available in all leading Titan Stores in March this year. “With the launch of Titan Connected X, we take another leap by adding to our portfolio a full touch smart watch with analog hands.

This reinforces our commitment to keep involving and introducing world-class smart products for our customers”. He also announced that the Titan CompanyLimited, had also acquired HUG innovations, a Hyderabad-based technology company, an expertise in Wearable and Cloud technology.

He said that the Company had completed the acquihire of the Hyderabad based technology and wearables company, and the 23-member will form the Hyderabad Development Centre and help with the right expertise in hardware, firmware, software and cloud technology. “The acquihire of the Hyderabad based company would help to get an advantage to access their consumer platform and IPs that are extremely relevant in the Company’s wearable journey” he added. (UNI)