Huawei resumes production with gov't approval

Huawei resumes production with gov't approval

Agency News

Moscow, Feb 3: Chinese tech giant Huawei resumed production on Monday of telecom equipment and electronics despite much of the country remaining under strict controls due to the coronavirus outbreak, media reported.

The move was greenlit by the government which decreed that certain critical industries remain in operation, although shutdown measures remain effective in more than half of China’s provinces, business news outlet CNBC reported.

Nearly 40 million people have been reported affected by shutdowns and quarantines exacted by the government as preventive measure to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which has so far killed more than 360 people. China’s three key stock exchange indexes opened with significant downturns Monday as economic fears loom over the virus’ effect.

The World Health Organization last week declared a public health emergency of international concern to spur all nations to take precautionary measures to the novel coronavirus. (UNI-SPUTNIK)