Vizhinjam Port to have facility level oil spill disaster contingency plan

Vizhinjam Port to have facility level oil spill disaster contingency plan

Agency News

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 28: Vizhinjam Port would be the first port in Kerala to have Facility Level Oil Contingency Plan in line with National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan (NOS-DCP).

This plan would enable the authorities to efficiently utilise resources and manpower to deal with any accident or emergency situation in the port. The preparation of contingency plan involves collection of adequate details regarding the port structures that were planned to come up, port vessel types that would operate in the region, the fuel they use, chemicals and fuels they would carry and assess the chances of oil or chemical spill even in remote cases and get prepared.

The plan would also detail the likely response plan in the event of an accident, rescue measures to be undertaken and preventive measures to avoid accidents. The contingency plan is in the final stages of approval and this would enable the port authorities to have all the equipments, resources and manpower to handle any emergency situation when it becomes operational. The Contingency Plan for Vizhinjam port assumes significance as none of the ports in the state have such facility level contingency plans.

Kerala also doesn't have a state-level oil disaster contingency plan in place. KITCO Ltd has been chosen as the agency to prepare contingency plan considering its track record in the framing the State level oil disaster contingency plan for Gujarat. (UNI)