BSNL gets Rs.3,000 Cr SBI loan

BSNL gets Rs.3,000 Cr SBI loan

Agency News

The State-run BSNL has secured a Rs 3,000-crore loan from the State Bank of India , which will enable it to clear some vendor dues and salaries.

As per an official in BSNL, the loan was sanctioned a couple of weeks ago and Rs 2,500 crore has been utilised so far, of which Rs 1,700 crore went towards clearing dues of some of the vendors. The remaining 500 crore can be used for paying salaries for December. The government believes that by reducing the huge workforce of these companies – 1.65 lakh employees of BSNL, for instance, who eat up 77% of its revenues in payment of salaries – the companies can become competitive and profitable over a period of time.

The case of MTNL is even worse which has a total employee base of 21,679 (it provides services only in Delhi and Mumbai) and its staff cost is 87% of its revenues. In case of MTNL, around 15,000 employees have opted for VRS.

Apart from the VRS, the government will provide Rs 23,814 crore towards administrative allocation of 4G spectrum to these companies. Apart from that, the government will also provide a sovereign guarantee of 15,000 crore. The government also said that the two PSUs would monetise their assets like land worth Rs 38,000 crore over a period of four years. BSNL registered a net loss of `13,804 crore on a revenue of `18,865 crore in FY19.