Delhi start-up to design Sri Lankan stores of Turkish firm

Delhi start-up to design Sri Lankan stores of Turkish firm

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 29 : Prodi, a Delhi-based start-up company has been signed by 'Twisting Scoops,' Turkish ice cream chain, to design a pilot store in Sri Lanka.

'Twisting Scoops' is one of the leading Turkish Ice Cream chains across India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The company now plans to venture into Sri Lanka. Keeping in mind the evolving industrial design language, Prodi is based on the concept of 'Form follows Functionality'.

The company aims to broaden the scope of work in the design world by associating and collaborating with experts and organizations worldwide to exhilarate in the dimensions of creativity. 'Our design acumen has been our key strength for multiple projects we have undertaken so far. We focus on business specific design concepts across companies from different sectors, keeping the foundation of form and functionality in mind. In case of Twisting Scoops, we aim to aesthetically design the stores which resonate to the brand functionality and connect with the tastes of Sri Lankan population,' Prodi Founder Ritkrit Jain said after the company made announcement for this new venture.

Twisting Scoops owner Kunwar Singh Juneja, in a statement said the company aims to achieve success in Sri Lanka, just like it attained success in India. "Design today plays a very important role in connecting with consumers; it is the first step towards the market positioning and pull. Since the brand is loved by youngsters, we had to create aesthetics catering to the likes and tastes of this vibrant segment of population. Prodi’s design concepts matched our requirements; the designers were able to understand the kind of market we are aiming to target", he said. (UNI)