Anmol Feeds to launch new brand ‘Nouriture’

Anmol Feeds to launch new brand ‘Nouriture’

Agency News

Kolkata, Nov 13 : In order to ensure highest profit margins for livestock farmers and to meet the growing demand for quality feeds in the market, Kolkata based, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd, one of the largest producers of livestock feeds in Eastern India, introduced its products under the umbrella brand Nouriture.

In a distinct effort to reach out to the livestock farmers in the hinterlands of Medinipore, Anmol Feeds organized one-of-its-kind knowledge session Nouriture Milan Utsavat Mandarmani in the presence of Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds Pvt Ltd. and renowned animal nutritionist, Mr. Micky Wu.

Speaking on the developments of the company in the state, Amit Saraogi said, “West Bengal has registered the highest increase in livestock population according to the 2019 census. The State is topographically blessed with diversified fisheries resources. We have been one of largest players in broiler poultry feed in the East and now we are introducing our shrimp and floating fish feed in Bengal.

Fisheries sectors play very vital role in socio-economic development of our country. Anmol Feeds provides a wide range of fish feeds under Matsya Bandhu including floating fish feed, which is best suited for Carp, Magur to sinking fish feed, which is best suited for Rohu, Mrigel. Anmol Feeds’ specially formulated feeds keep the fish well-nourished and the pond water clean, thereby minimizing the risk of disease outbreak. Formulated with ingredients with higher digestibility, Matsya Badhu fish feed keeps the pond environment clean. Renowned animal nutritionist and professor, Micky Wu, further added, “Nouriture products like Latis Gold and Matsya Bandhu have the potential of giving 30 per cent more growth to the animal than other products available in the market. This can bring further prosperity to the shrimp and fish farming community.

Latis Gold has already been test launched in Contai, Norghat and Andhra Pradesh and farmers have embraced it as a long-awaited alternative. This feed has resulted in 30 per cent more growth compared to other products available in the market. This has been echoed by leading farmers like Shyamal Das, Chitta Paul and S M Basha of Andhra Pradesh. High stocking densities are no longer a worry for farmers and this feed has not only lived up but exceeded the expectation of farmers. (UNI)