US-based e-learning company to train 1 mn working professionals in India

US-based e-learning company to train 1 mn working professionals in India

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Ahmedabad, Nov 7 : US based e-learning company LearnEd on Thursday said that it has set a target of training a million working professionals in India in effective workplace communication in five years.

Addressing a press conference here today Founder of the company which is based in Los Angeles with offices in Mumbai and Ahmedaba, Tarana Patel Chatterjee said that effective communication in English, the lingual franca, was a must for a successful business. Her company has for the first time in India, launched a Business Communication program delivered online, 'Workplace Communication Essentials.'

''This cutting-edge business communication program is designed for the corporate world to address specific communication challenges that impact efficiency and growth. To become a globally recognized business, it’s important to develop a global mindset. The first step to take, for that, is to sharpen your team’s communication skills and achieve fluency in how they use English for business. This is why our courses directly address the pressing communication needs of the corporate world to take you there.

Our clients include global companies in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, service, and startups. With in-depth research and with inputs from CEO’s, HR Executives and Directors, we tackle the most urgent communication needs like being able to talk confidently about yourself and your company, precision writing in emails and regulatory compliance documents, optimizing your meetings and also addressing soft skills like time management and interpersonal skills,' she said.

She said that her company was a B2B one but plans to serve B2C also through an app which was under development were also there. In five years we have planned to train at least 1 million or 10 lakh working professions of various companies/business establishments.

'Business teams in our programs are on-boarded to our online platform where they watch instructional videos, engage in activities and quizzes, produce their own videos as practice and share it on our platform. Our USP is the personalized feedback that our internationally trained coaches give to each participant individually. As our programs are all online, they are self-paced learning experiences but with the added benefit of being interactive with the facilitators and collaborative with fellow participants to promote teamwork.

“Fluency in speaking English directly affects your confidence,' she said. (UNI)