India will need 2,380 new commercial airplanes in next 20 years: Boeing Co

India will need 2,380 new commercial airplanes in next 20 years: Boeing Co

Agency News

Mumbai, Nov 7 : The Boeing Company here on Thursday has forecast that India will need 2,380 new commercial airplanes, so as to handle the growing demand for air travel over the next 20 years.

The Company estimated that the cost of 2,380 airplanes will touch a whopping USD 330 billion, a statement here said. Deputy Vice President (Commercial Marketing) of Boeing Company Darren Hulst said that to operate and maintain the expanding fleet, operators are expected to spend USD 440 billion on aviation services, including ground, station and cargo operations, along with maintenance and engineering.

He further said that while many of the new airplanes will replace the aging aircraft, most will help operators grow their network, as India's airplane fleet is projected to quadruple in size to around 2500 airplanes by 2038. Briefing on the Company's forecast about the arising need for new airplanes, he commented, "It is impressive to witness the passenger growth in India. This market continues to be one of the fastest-growing in the world.

''Over the past decade, domestic air traffic has tripled, while international air traffic has more than doubled. And we see tremendous potential for even more growth as India's middle class expands and more consumers are able to fly.''

''In the next few years, we see commercial operators expanding their networks to offer more direct flights domestically and open new long-distance options for passengers," he added. (UNI)