Jade Forest takes over bars, restaurants, homes and beverage industry

Jade Forest takes over bars, restaurants, homes and beverage industry

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New Delhi, Oct 18 : Founded by experienced entrepreneurs from the F&B industry, Jade Forest has made a splash in the Indian market with its Premium Indian Tonic Water and Ginger Ale.

Both the founders have utilised their experience from their previous ventures, in order to build Jade Forest, which is incubated by one of the country’s leading sector-agnostic incubators based in Gurgaon, Huddle, whose portfolio consists of other consumer brands like Ketofy, Poshtick, as part of their portfolio.

Shuchir Suri, as part of his first and previous entrepreneurial endeavors, established Food Talk India, which became India’s largest food discovery and experience platform. His co-founder, Punweet Singh with over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing and F&B space is the former co-founder of New York Slice, a fast-casual dining chain serving authentic New York Style pizza to patrons across the city.

The inspiration to experiment and develop Jade Forest stemmed from two emerging trends currently taking place in the beverage industry; the need for low calorie and low sugar carbonated beverages and growth in the consumption of carbonated beverages which is expected to double by 2021 in India.

''We’ve worked very hard to align our brand and product with what consumers want and we’re glad to say that Jade Forest provides a delicious solution to both consumer needs and industry trends. All our beverages have something in common, better ingredients and less sugar! Our strategy lies in making great tasting beverages without compromising on health and quality,'' says Punweet Singh. Jade Forest is currently present in over 75 of the top bars, restaurants, and hotels in Delhi-NCR.(UNI)