InDriver launches ride-hail App in Lucknow

InDriver launches ride-hail App in Lucknow

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Lucknow, Oct 10 : InDriver, an international ride-hailing app available in 300 cities in 26 countries launched its services in Lucknow on Thursday.

It is the only app that allows users to negotiate their cab fare before booking the ride in real time. The inDriver model is unique within the sector, since it allows users and operators to independently negotiate the terms of travel in real time, including cost, without any intermediary, unlike all the applications currently operating in India, in which the cost of the trip is automatically set by pre-established algorithms.

Lucknow became the third city after Chandigarh and Bhopal to get inDriver cab facility when around 2000 cab drivers have been engaged by the company.

"We are excited to launch inDriver in Lucknow. With our Set-Your-Own-Price Ride-Hailing App, the passengers and the drivers mutually decide the fair and favorable price of each route. With transparency at both ends, drivers can make ride-hailing trips more efficient and productive while the passengers have the possibility of getting cheaper ride. For example through our app, passengers will pay around Rs.80 for traveling from Charbagh station to Saharaganj Mall, "official spokesperson Ms Pavit Nanda, official spokesperson of, inDriver claimed.

Talking to media here during the launch, Ms Nanda said that inDriver would be launching its cab facilities in Tier-11 and 111 in the first phase and Ludhiana is their next target.

InDriver allows passengers to suggest a fare for their selected route. Nearby drivers receive the fare and route information and can either accept the offer or bargain for more money.

Passengers then see multiple offers from drivers and can pick the one they want based on things such as fare amount, driver ratings and type of vehicle. On the other hand, the driver has the possibility to choose only the most profitable trips and to make a counter offer to the passenger, something that no other service offers.

She said in the first stage, inDriver is offering Zero Percent Commission Fee to Drivers, giving them the possibility to test the benefits of the platform, which has great differentials in comparison with its main competitors." After six months, the company will just charge 10 per cent commission from the drivers when other cab companies go for 20 to 25 per cent," she said.

“With more than 2000 drivers, our app works only within the city. But in Lucknow, we are taking closest suburbs within 20km around Lucknow centre” she said. InDriver, whose headquarters are in New York, has 32 million users across 300 cities in 26 countries around the world. (UNI)