Higher demand for purebred native chicken Vanashree

Higher demand for purebred native chicken Vanashree

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New Delhi, Oct 8 : The production potential of the native chickens -- which are integral part of free-range or backyard systems of rearing in rural, tribal and hill areas of the country -- is considerably less resulting in lesser output; however, Vanashree, an improved purebred native chicken, has been evolved to address the issue.

Farmers can use the fertile eggs of Vanashree birds to produce the subsequent generation on their own as it is a purebred line and unlike crossbred varieties there will not be reduction in the performance of the birds. Therefore, there is higher demand from the farmers for supply of chicks of this improved purebred native chicken.

Vanashree chicken was evolved by selecting the PD-4 (Aseel) birds for higher growth and egg production for the last nine generations at ICAR -- Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad. Santosh Haunshi, U Rajkumar, MK Padhi, Chandan Paswan and RN Chatterjee of the ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad said the performance of this chicken germplasm was tested at both institute and farmers' fields and impressive production performance was observed.

The Vanashree birds that have attractive yellow coloured plumage, pea comb, yellow shank and red coloured combs, wattles and ear lobes with majestic look, can reach market at an age about 12-14 weeks under intensive system and around 18-20 weeks of age under backyard/free range systems of rearing depending upon the availability of feed resources in the field.

Body weights recorded at 8 and 12 weeks of age of the chicken were 570g and 1020g respectively and stank length of 8 and 12 weeks of age was at 77mm and 102mm respectively. Body weight and shank length of male birds were recorded at 20 and 40 weeks of age were 2166g and 3054g and 132mm and 134mm respectively; while those of female birds at respective age were 1574g and 2071g and 106mm and 107mm respectively.

They said the average age at sexual maturity observed was 159 days. The hen housed and hen day egg production up to 40 weeks of age was 79.97, 78.64 and 79.46 eggs respectively. And, average egg weights recorded at 28 and 40 weeks of age were 43.44 and 48.93g respectively.

Vanashree birds produced 195 eggs up to 72 weeks of age under intensive system in the latest generation and liveability during 0-8 and 9-20 weeks of age was 95.35 per cent and 98.05 per cent respectively. Liveability of female and male birds during 21-40 weeks of age was 97.63 per cent and 94.44 per cent respectively. (UNI)