introduces ‘Libra --The Legal App’
Business introduces ‘Libra --The Legal App’

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Hyderabad, Sep 21 :, India’s largest online platform for legal, tax and compliance services, on Saturday announced the introduction of ‘ Libra – The Legal App’ , the upgraded Litigation feature which allows anyone track their case status and other legal updates.

India’s legal system is vast and comes with its own set of complexities. As of June this year, more than 45 lakh cases are pending in High Courts across the country and out of these, 8 lakh cases are a decade old, Bangaluru-based oneline legal platform said in a release here.

While citizens fight for their rights or justice in a case, it is also important for the litigants to know the facts and status of their petitions filed.

In order to help litigants track their status and be aware of the laws and similar cases, has introduced the Legal app and the litigants will get updates on the case hearing, case number, and they can also check related cases to see if their petition is receiving the right treatment, the release said.

The app creates transparency in the judicial system and helps citizens know their laws and rights pertaining to civil or criminal cases. The information provided on the app helps users to understand their case effectively and approach the lawyers, the release claimed.

On the other side, this unique app is also a one-stop case management tool that efficiently helps lawyers manage their clients and practice online in one place and provides access to 1.5 million judgements with headnotes and short notes. The lawyers also get to manage their clients more efficiently by sending invoices and regularly get paid for all hearings.

Speaking on the app, VakilSearch CEO Hrishikesh Datar, said, “VakilSearch, has been working towards simplifying legal procedures with the help of digital technology. With the introduction of the litigation feature on the app, we believe both lawyers and litigants are much benefited.

Libra has also partnered with Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and has helped 13500+ advocates to go digital.

Currently, over 15,000 lawyers are actively engaged on the product platform Libra-The Legal App, and the number is poised to reach 30,000 lawyers within the next 6 months, Datar said.

On the litigant side, we have recently released an update to track individual cases and we are expecting 50,000 +litigants to onboard in the next 12 months to track their cases, he added. (UNI)