Sunil Gavaskar, Suniel Shetty join Triton Solar

Sunil Gavaskar, Suniel Shetty join Triton Solar

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New Delhi, Sep 21 : The New Jersey-based, Triton Solar on Saturday announced that cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar and Bollywood star Suniel Shetty have joined the company’s board.

Triton Solar, a producer of solar cells, solar batteries and energy management solutions, is on major business expansion mode. Mr Gavaskar has joined as Worldwide Sports Ambassador, while Suniel Shetty has been designated as the worldwide corporate ambassador for Triton Solar.

In addition to this, another international cricketing legend and former West Indies Cricket team captain, Clive H Lloyd C.B.E. has also joined the board of the company with an aim to take this vision to Caribbean region. Triton Solar produces high quality, highly efficient solar cells, flexible lighting and batteries. Solar energy and power management is very crucial for India's overall development, hence Triton Solar as an organisation has a lot of potential to offer to India in terms of its development.

On this development, Sunil Gavaskar expressed, “Redundant power supply in the rural as well as urban parts of the country, is directly related to the mission of nation-building. India’s vast rural population deserves to get proper electricity supply as it directly impacts their daily household as well as business activities. This issue needs a properly structured approach to be pursued as a mission. In fact, the problem of power shortage is life-threatening, also, in some locations as it affects the operations of healthcare or medical institutions like hospitals in areas where power shortage exists. I am sure that Triton is working on products and services that aim at this major problem and working on this as a mission.”

Mr Gavaskar also said, "I am excited to be part of Triton because this company is accomplishing this mission. A cost-effective solution is needed which can transform the Indian power availability scenario. With Triton Solar’s expertise and offerings, I hope that we will be able to resolve major issues related to the redundant power supply in a cost-effective manner.”

Commenting on his joining Triton's board, Suniel Shetty said, “Triton is working for a good cause. And committing to a good cause is always a great pleasure. Ensuring stable power supply at the rural and semi- urban household level is not just a good cause but it is also a kind of work which can transform the lifestyle of the people living away from the main cities and are struggling to enter into the mainstream of the society,”.

“In addition to the above, another major problem that semi-urban and urban cities are struggling with is the problem of controlling carbon footprints that is getting generated through diesel generators when they are required to fulfil the power scarcity. The solutions based on solar-based technologies not only restricts the use of diesel in residential and commercial locations but also make self-sustainable power management through alternate energy,” the actor added.

Himanshu B Patel is the founder and MD of Triton Solar. “In our meeting, I would like to explain our plan and roadmap for ensuring cost-effective and stable power management for Indian rural electrification. I know Mr Modi’s vision for the nation-building and our plan is absolutely designed to make a meaningful impact on the same,” Mr Patel added. (UNI)