Innolia Energy to take part in REI expo from Sep 10

Innolia Energy to take part in REI expo from Sep 10

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Hyderabad, Sep 10: Innolia Energy will take part in the 11-day Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo at India Expo Centre, Greater Nodia, from September 10.

Innolia energy is the only brand showcasing an integrated Solar, Lithium Battery and Electric Vehicle products at the REI, an industry leader for many years to come, a company statement here said on Tuesday.

Innolia Energy, a US based company, launched a mega project with Rs 225 crore investment in Hyderabad establishing manufacturing facilities in Solar Modules, Lithium Battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) markets.

Innolia Energy is a leader in providing a fully integrated top-quality solution in the Solar Power, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle (EV). Leveraging years of developing advanced technology solutions for companies in the US, Innolia Energy's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant (300MW) in India delivers a fully integrated and customizable system solution of Solar Panels, Lithium-Battery and EV Products manufacturing under a single roof.

Innolia's manufacturing unit is India’s first fully integrated Solar and Lithium Battery pack manufacturing company providing technology integration solutions for general-purpose or application-specific renewable markets. With highly advanced manufacturing plants for both the Solar Panels and Lithium Battery packs, it offers one of the best lines in India for the application market.

Arvind Reddy,” CEO, Innolia Energy said "Innolia Energy is uniquely positioned to further the "Make in India" campaign and to develop innovative and competitive solutions in the renewable energy space.

As a technology and manufacturing company, we are committed to scale the renewable manufacturing with advanced technology integration to deliver quality, cost-effective and useful products to our end users in India and abroad",Mr Reddy said. (UNI)