Ketofy brings Ketogenic diet to help Indians manage Lifestyle and Health

Ketofy brings Ketogenic diet to help Indians manage Lifestyle and Health

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New Delhi, Sep 5: Wellversed Health brings to India, Ketofy, the diet that offers complete solutions to holistic health and addresses Lifestyle concerns including diabetes and weight loss.

As India grapples with epidemic-level proportions of Lifestyle diseases, including millions suffering from Type 1, Type 2 Diabetes, as well as Thyroid and related issues, Ketofy offers a long term solution or health.

The brand has partnered with Gurugram-based incubator and accelerator Huddle. Ketofy stands for Healthy Keto Products that are created with truthfulness. Ketofy caters to a segment of the audience that requires to be on an ultra low carb diet that is free from gluten (wheat protein), wheat flour, additives, preservatives and low in glycemic index.

Ketofy is an outcome of manufacturing innovation pioneered by Wellversed Health - the parent Company of Ketofy. The technology-enabled manufacturing setup of Wellversed ensures that all products are manufactured in-house. This ensures tight control over ingredients, quality, and the end product, according to a company statement here.

This also means that Ketofy is a complete pantry of products that includes everything from Cooking Supplies, Snacking Products, Cookies, Chocolates, Namkeens, Beverages, Condiments, Desserts and even Mithai.

The entire Ketofy brand is built on the tenet of truthfulness. Consumers of Ketofy realise the urgency of shifting to a low carb paradigm and respect the brand for its purity and truthfulness. Ketofy has already served 2,50,000 consumers across the country, and has a high degree of resonance with people who are facing chronic health conditions like diabetes, thyroid and PCOS.

Ketogenic Dietary Regime works to improve health markers and rapid loss of fat. Such diets have been recommended by the doctors since the 1920s and have picked up in the general population in the last two decades. Opposed to contrary belief, a healthy Ketogenic requires one to eat whole foods that add up to make a complete and nutritious diet. (UNI)