Huawei and 5G will change human history: Company officials

Huawei and 5G will change human history: Company officials

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Shenzhen, Aug 31 : The Huawei technology is not for surveillance and once implemented, the 5G structure will change the world, officials in the global provider of information and communication technology and smart devices said here in China on Friday.

"I will say it will change the way one acts and thinks. Huawei tech devices and 5G in particular with unique ecosystem will empower human kind like nothing before and inspire innovation," officials said at the company's global headquarters premises here. The company officials told a group of visiting journalists from India and Nepal that Huawei focuses on providing the most brilliant, the safest and environment friendly products.

5G technology can do wonders in medical science, construction works and also other areas like boosting quality production in a fishery and also provide overall security solutions to a building and the cities. To a question, one official said 5G can help in construction works with no labour involved.

"A simple remote control operation will help all the works carried out," he said. "The most significant achievement in use of 5G tech will be the computing power and its use in medical science. By remote sensing operations, a medical patient can be attended to as early as 15 seconds. Much against what's all happening around 5G controversy, the technology will be blessings," an official said.

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of IT infrastructure and smart devices and has been in row over its works on 5G related technology. The visiting scribes were taken around the premises including the training centre called Huawei University.

To questions about 5G related controversies; the official said most of it is mere allegation, hearsay and political posturing.

"The cyber security could be an issue, but the solution to cyber security will have to come from fair competition, openness, transparency and agreed international standards," he said.

On the controversy, officials say it is true no efforts are being spared to 'mislead people about Huawei and 5G'.

"....but our critics (a reference to the US) has not provided any evidence supporting the accusation that the Huawei poses a cyber security threat."

The Company Officials also say that the Huawei authorities have made it clear earlier that it is willing to help address the US government's or anyone else security concerns.
The Huawei officials also believe that the present policy pursued by the US will neither help the US nor the international community.

"The delay in implementing the 5G structure is only delaying the mankind achieve some crucial achievements in its contemporary history," one of them said. In this context, on the condition of anonymity, one said - the US in general and the Trump administration in particular has achieved many feats but its policy of alleged "intimidating other countries and companies" will only scare off investors. (UNI)